Recent Favorites: BILLY LYNN and others

Since, for once, I’m not working on my own novel (O blessed rare summer!) I’ve managed to do a bit of reading myself. Here’s what I’ve picked up and been absorbed by: Jonathan Franzen’s essay collection FARTHER AWAY; Ben Fountain’s hilarious, inventive and harrowing Iraq War novel, BILLY LYNN’S LONG HALF-TIME WALK; Amor Towles’ glorious novel of late 1930’s New York THE RULES OF CIVILITY, and Marilynne Robinson’s essays WHEN I WAS A CHILD I READ BOOKS.  I’m looking forward to John Lanchester’s CAPITAL and Jess Walter’s BEAUTIFUL RUINS.  I’m also just finishing a fascinating history of Susan B. Anthony’s northwest suffrage work, called SOWING GOOD SEEDS, by G. Thomas Edwards, and rereading Alice Munro’s stories in RUNAWAY.  So delicious.