O Magazine

It Is to Blush: Little Century warmly reviewed in June’s O, the Oprah Magazine and selected for fall’s Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers list.

I’m thrilled to announce two wonderful pieces of pre-publication news about Little Century: first, that the June issue of O Magazine will feature a really nice review of the book, written by Liza Nelson.  She does a spot-on, compact account of the conflicts in the book, and describes it overall as “Willa Cather with a sense of humor,” a phrase which, I will admit, nearly made me wet my pants in happiness.  The second news, just confirmed, is that Little Sasquatch (as I like to refer to it to myself) will be a Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writers” choice in the fall.  It’s a terrific honor for the book, and I’m very grateful.  So–beginning in August–if you go into a Barnes & Noble store, you’ll see Little Century‘s blue and gold desert front and center!