“Anna Keesey’s debut novel is historical fiction at its finest—precise and particular in detail, character, and setting, yet vast and epic in scope and theme. Little Century is a remarkable achievement.”

Larry Watson, author of Montana, 1948

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Simple Girl: The Improbable Solace of “Mansfield Park” | The Los Angeles Review of Books

Just published: this essay in which I try to account for the strange hold Jane Austen’s MANSFIELD PARK has on my psyche.

Simple Girl: The Improbable Solace of "Mansfield Park" | The Los Angeles Review of Books.

Little Century wins the Janet Heidinger Kafka prize for Fiction

A humbling pleasure to be awarded a prize previously given to Ursula LeGuin, Ann Patchett, and Toni Morrison, among many accomplished others….

Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender & Women's Studies : University of Rochester.

“Gracefully Captivating”: Willamette Week Weighs In

Book Review: Anna Keesey, Little Century.