“Anna Keesey’s debut novel is historical fiction at its finest—precise and particular in detail, character, and setting, yet vast and epic in scope and theme. Little Century is a remarkable achievement.”

Larry Watson, author of Montana, 1948

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Little Century wins the Janet Heidinger Kafka prize for Fiction

A humbling pleasure to be awarded a prize previously given to Ursula LeGuin, Ann Patchett, and Toni Morrison, among many accomplished others….

Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender & Women's Studies : University of Rochester.

“Gracefully Captivating”: Willamette Week Weighs In

Book Review: Anna Keesey, Little Century.

Paperback Paperback Paperback!

The paperback edition of LITTLE CENTURY was released yesterday, and I’m thrilled. Esther Chambers, Ferris Pickett, Marguerite Green and Noggin Koerner, now portable as all-get-out: http://www.powells.com/biblio/7-9781250033369-0. It seems to have been a good choice for book clubs, because we’ve had great talks when I’ve visited or skyped in. Pass along the link!